My work is a daily practice of seeking and creating joy.

Photo by: Tiny Daisy Photography

Photo by: Tiny Daisy Photography



I often begin a painting with a color scheme in mind and add layer upon layer of paint to create depth. I like to work with unmixed primary colors on my palette and mix the colors directly on the canvas by dry brushing. I paint intuitutively, adding color variations, forms, fiber, and wire as the piece speaks to me. 

On my canvases, gessobords, and birch panels, I use Golden Acrylics and seal every piece with Golden Gel Medium to ensure durability and lightfastness. The pieces are then wired with picture wire and D-rings, signed, labelled, and finished with corner bumpers to ensure a simple hanging process in your space.

My works on paper are done with high quality watercolor paint, Golden Acrylics, and Speedball India Ink. I use 140 pound, cold pressed watercolor paper and always soak and stretch it to ensure that your masterpiece never buckles or warps. The edges on the paper are hand deckled.

Each piece of art I create is one-of-a-kind. I work with professional level materials to ensure that the art you purchase is archival quality. My hope is that each artwork finds a happy home and brings even more joy with it.